Oct 30, 2009

New Hip Hop Movie: Up in the Attic


Check out the trailer for Up in the Attic. It’s about teenagers growing up in the 1980’s Hip Hop era. It features cameos by members of the Crash Crew, Chill Rob G, Zulu Nation Members and more. I think this movie could possibly be pretty funny.

Download the Up in the Attic Movie for $3.99 from filmbaby.com/films/4392 or buy the DVD at upintheatticmovie.com (Warning: I think their website may also be from the 1980’s).


  1. I obviously meant funny as in it could be so bad it’s funny. This could be a real winner.

  2. the 80’s??? hahaha people are rocking brand new gear and new era fitted caps and shit hahaha

  3. haha, yeah nobody in the 80s was wearing baggy shit like that either… they need to fire the costume director. If it was free i’d watch it though.

  4. Avatar J A U N D U Z

    That was brutal.

  5. Avatar Choko

    it looks pretty good when you’re stoned though

  6. Avatar Wynrush

    Best clip ever. Dude laughing at the book ends of the clip says it all for me.

  7. Im confused…is this a mockumentary like FUBAR? This can’t be for real…

  8. Avatar Cipherkam

    It has a great story line, you’d have to watch the whole thing!

  9. The only way this could have a great story line is if it were a mockumentary like FUBAR…

  10. Avatar fantum fambamn

    its a start i can say that 4 sur

  11. Avatar the-girl-next-door


  12. Avatar tOUCh

    This could be as good as ‘The Hip Hop Witch’

  13. Avatar metawon


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