Oct 16, 2015

Noah23 – “Best to Ever Do It” prod. by Spz Chaote


Produced by Spz Chaote. From the upcoming Noah23 album Aquarian Alien.



  1. Avatar WhatHappened

    Nah… I remember when his style used to be original and his lyrics used to be super inventive. Now his style is derivative autotuned trappy whatever and his lyrics sound like he spends no time on them at all. It’s a pity, cause he WAS one of the best to ever do it.

  2. Avatar thebruin

    Agreed. Noah’s style used to be crisp with a nice balance of harmony and hard edged rap. Now I just can’t get into it. I used to buy every album, now I just pass.

    • Avatar WhatHappened

      Yeah, I had a lot of time for his material up to 2011, but then he hopped on the witch/trap/cloud bandwagon and it’s honestly just felt like he’s been trend-hopping for the past few years. And then there’s the lyrics…

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