Dec 13, 2009

Noah23 – “Dr. Pepper”



  1. db200

    i never really liked noah, but this is by far the worst track ive heard, from anybody.

  2. mviivlk

    noah deserves respect. although, his stuff within the last year or three has been riding the thin line between acceptable and straight garbage. excluding rockpaperscissors.

  3. Royal-T

    Noah’s a dope rapper, this ain’t close to his best shit but there’s some good rhymes

  4. soundsandshapes

    I like rap that makes sense. This doesn’t.

    • Balzac

      noah 23 has never made sense.
      he’s a stream of consciousness rapper

      that mixed in with the fact that he’s a big fan of warcloud, his style makes sense :)

  5. soundsandshapes

    rock paper scissors was really bad though. that pinball track was absolutely terrible and really poppyish. guys like the main and cadence weapon were terrible on this. the track with josh martinez sounded like he was replicating josh’s style. i also had to wait 2 months after ordering the album from legendary ent and got a burned cd that wouldn’t play in my cd player.

  6. haha another satisfied customer..

  7. soundsandshapes

    because you could sing along to the showtune lyrics while combing your hair in the mirror?

  8. ginsberg

    rock paper scissors was very very good. His best yet, IMO.

  9. Legendary Sheisty

    The dude from Legendary Ent is a fucking sheister.

  10. I thought this was pretty dope.

  11. soundsandshapes

    he should have called it noah23 and people i’ve payed to guest appear on this album – rock paper scissors.

    • Royal-T

      Noah’s just as known and respected as the people he has featured on there so I doubt he pid anything, it’s not like he’s got Sean P up on thurr

  12. soundsandshapes

    no. he paid.

    • Royal-T

      I don’t know anyone in their right mind that would pay for a guest verse by another equally known canadian artist so I highly dooubt that.

  13. I would be very surprised to find that Noah paid any of these guests, but if he did they would be far and few between…

  14. epic

    Noah is a huge rap fan first before an artist. i have lots of respect for that guy. doubt that he paid for any verses on his cd and if he did not very much. doesn’t make sense. the songs I have heard from him are awesome usually. definately one of the best.

  15. haha, dayum. didnt notice this until today. this song is obviously supposed to be funny. get a fucking sense of humor. go to and listen to the track “black lab mixtape” if you want to hear a 101 lesson on schooling motherfuckers in rap. and no i aint pay nobody on that record a penny either. just stop crying and get laid

  16. Choko

    Noah’s cadence is excellent. great delivery and a silky voice…can’t beat that shit

  17. “just stop crying and get laid”
    Words to live by. This joint is fun.

  18. wilfred laurier

    I hate this as do I hate all of Noah’s music. Hip hop makes sense. This shit is all over the place like yesterday’s chinese buffet.

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