January 15, 2010

Nocando – Jimmy the Lock

Nocando - "Hurry Up and Wait" mp3

Download: http://ugsmag.com/media/nocando-hurryupandwait.mp3

Download “Hurry Up and Wait” from Nocando’s new album Jimmy the Lock, dropping Jan 26 on Alpha Pup.

Track Listing:
1. “Head Static” produced by Nosaj Thing
2. “Hurry Up and Wait” produced by Nobody
3. “Two Track Mind (feat. Busdriver)” produced by Thavius Beck
4. “You Got Some Nerve (feat. Nick Diamonds)” produced by Th’ Corn Gangg
5. “21” produced by Nobody
6. “DDS2 (feat. Rich Man Rob & Iron Mike Eagle)” produced by Free the Robots
7. “I’m On (feat. VerBS)” produced by Thavius Beck
8. “Never Lie” produced by Maestroe
9. “Exploits and Glitches” produced by Maestroe
10. “Flight Risk” produced by Maestroe
11. “Skankophelia” produced by Daedelus
12. “Front Left Pocket” produced by Thavius Beck


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Nocando - Jimmy the Lock

3 Responses

  1. word. That “least favorite rapper” remix with Busdriver might be my favorite rap song from 2009. dopeness.