September 14, 2014

Nolto and Ryan Holaday – “Die Slow” (Live)

New Nolto and Ryan Holaday live video.


“I’ll never let go of my survival
if I have to die, I wanna die slow.
leave the high road for the rollercoast
become a child amongst these older folks
I never smile, too busy taking it all in – it takes a while
that’s a double take – she did a double take – showed a troubled face
what if it took a couple days?
would you wanna end on a bad note?
and then looked at me like I was an asshole.
– but hell ya, I’m a die on fire
– middle finger to God as I climb on higher
You like happy endings because your not sadistic
of course your fortune cookies are optimistic
the bad can be fast, and so you’ve often missed it
a whole experience that’s just gone in an instant

Is that how you want to go out?
quick to a tragic kingdom – no doubt.
slow down, try to relax in the struggle
You won’t drown – here – it’s just a puddle
But, when the ocean of age comes along
go with the waves; hum a song
don’t be afraid; embrace fate
drink slow – not just because it doesn’t taste great
a final goodbye to everything I’ve ever felt
is how I wanna die – quitting has never helped.
and besides, you can always grow desensitized
it’s all in where your attention lies

I’m offended by an ending that would pass me by
without sendin me a heaven that’s not packed with lies
fantasize, go on girl imagine
stripped naked, in front of your god laughin…

I choose the hard way, easy ends too fast
death is easy, happiness an endless task.
to the torturer, wearing your pretentious mask
take your time, make the impressions last
I’m not afraid to be painfully maimed and bleed
even if I mainly scream, trust me, I’d hate to leave without a change
of scene, But, you don’t have to stay with me.”