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November 14, 2012

Nomar Slevik – The Healing Process

Nomar Slevik - The Healing Process

New Nomar Slevik album out now on vinyl/digital from Milled Pavement. Features Strange Powers, Neila, Sarita Fields, and Hobs Sputnik.

01- Hole In The Sky (feat. Strange Powers)
02- Impratctical Pterodactyl (A Love Story)
03- Determind Birdfalls
04- Faith (feat. Strange Powers)
05- Problem Solver
06- Re (un)real become (feat. Sarita Fields)
07- Spaceship Decisions
08- Legend of Forever (feat. Sarita Fields)
09- Wood Knocking
10- Microphones (feat. Hobs Sputnik)
11- Silhouettes (feat. Neila)
12- The Last Broadcast
13- Song of the Damned Remix