Mar 9, 2008

Off Centre DJ School


Video feature on Toronto’s Off Centre DJ School, featuring it’s founder Steptone, who is also one half of the turntable band iNSiDEaMiND.

Off Centre DJ School


  1. Avatar ceej

    more video features = good thing

  2. Avatar Farooq

    Quick shoutout to Steptone, class was legit, well worth it to break into the spinning vinyl universe. (student from the vid)

  3. Avatar Enot

    yessssss….vinyl is the best.

  4. Avatar nextbest

    word, dope little vid. will keep the school in mind if i ever wana move to canada and learn to DJ!

  5. Avatar Polo Goose

    Word indeed!
    Bigups Off Centre! Where would I be without youuuu!

  6. Avatar eddie

    hey im from israel and im planning to immagerat to canada winnipeg
    my qastion is..
    is there dj school’s in winnipeg if there is can u please give me there web site or any other information about it

  7. Avatar chantel

    SO great to see the TO scene rocking in vinyl.

    Great video.

  8. Avatar Tosin

    nice job on the video steptone. I’ll be back to school soon.

  9. Avatar Rochelle

    Heard this place was pretty good but ended up taking lessons at Scratch Lab in Toronto. Facility is amazing and the instructors were great.

  10. Avatar Felix Ochieng

    Hay what up i am Kenyan student in America , going for Graphic disign but still i wana learn how to spin DJ in Future

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