June 18, 2009

Old Ugly Recording Co. – New Edmonton Rap Label

Old Ugly Recording Co.

New Edmonton Rap Label, Old Ugly Recording Co., just launched their website. Download free albums from mitchmatic, CBT and others. The Joe’s new album, UT OH, is there for sale as well.


The Old Ugly Recording Co roster includes: the joe, well put, mikey maybe, mitchmatic, rappers are people, the cbt, rap club, xlacks, racoon suit, and bike month.

16 Responses

  1. Yo bro I got referred to your label I am looking to get my name more out there. I would love your help.

  2. i love the name its pritty cool ummmmm….where to start……look im from edmonton northside iv bin rappen for 15 years and started singing 10 years ago im a song writer/rapper/singer and you guys are the first recording label im asking to get down with and dont think im stoping here im very talented artist and looking for people who are real……no fake losers that say one thing and do another….. its not about money till the end im in it cause this is what i love to do with my life im an honest guy always straight up im funny i like to have fun except i dont smoke i do smoke weed once in a while i drink ocasionally and i work on cars for the time being so if your interested please e-mail me thanx peace out your friend JDub

    1. J-Dub my friend!! I’m so inspired by your words that I’m going to offer you a 5 record deal with Old Ugly, I don’t even need to hear your music. We get the ball rolling quick around here so if you’re on board you’ve got to be fully committed starting now. I hope your comfortable touring eastern europe next week, lets get this show on the road. A couple things: since you work on cars you will also be Od Ugly’s personal mechanic (and road mechanic, obviously) and that nasty little weed habit is going to have to go my friend. We also like to have fun but only good natured clean fun, no drugs or alcohol or you’re off the label for good mister. I am glad that you are not down with fake losers cause that’s our motto!! Old Ugly “no fake losers allowed”. This is like a match made in heaven, thank god the internet gods blessed me with this post. Also since you’re funny would you mind trying out a quick stand up routine before the Joe gets on stage and drinks ice cappucino for a half hour? One other thing we’re going to need your singing abilities to gain us more exposure…. we will be enrolling you in American Idol, X Factor, America’s got talent, Canadian Idol, British X Factor, Slovenian Dancing With the stars (I’m assuming you dance to) and finally Mexican Hollywood squares where you will rep Old Ugly hard yelling Old Ugly biatch!! anytime a cameras in your face. Also you’ll be singing hooks on the new Mitch record, every track has a different hook from an 80’s movie soundtrack. Anyways J Dizzle (oh by the way we’re gonna have to change your name to J Dizzle instead of Jdubs, hope that’s cool). So J Dizzle……. Let me be the first to welcome you into the Ugly family! Holler back on here with your contact info, also a few headshots, your height/weight/eye color/hair color/body type/sexual orientation/high school you graduated from (need transcripts)/mastercard number/ drivers licence number, costco membership and passport. Get me these things and I’ll get you those plane tickets to Sofia, Bulgaria where your tour kicks off next Tuesday, by the way you’ll be opening for Amy Grant (again hope that’s cool), and you’ll be expected to perform a hardcore gangster rap set to contrast the beautiful pureness of Mrs Grant (kinda like a hot/cold, heaven/hell theme).

  3. yo whats up its nippy c thought id give a shout out to you guys maybe we can record sometime im very talented in music i right lyrics and make beats ive been freestylin for about a year now. and makin beats for 3 right now i got a full time job and doin little shows in edmonton so yea check me out.

  4. Dear Old Ugly, and friends,

    Greetings to you all from Spain,

    My flatmate is from Edmonton and she has our house hooked on mitchmatic. We were all fully functional, now we have a music habit.
    Is there any chance, in the name of gentlemanly charity you might find it in your hearts to reveal where the incomparably catchy hook in Mitchmatic’s “why don’t you know” is from. We know we’ve heard it somewhere before and it’s becoming an obsession. Our other flatmate is starting to look positively homicidal.

    Best of luck to the label and the talent.
    Thank you for your time,

    Sam and Steph and other misfits in Madrid