March 24, 2009

One Day As A Lion – “Wild International”

From Zack de la Rocha and Jon Theodore’s One Day As A Lion EP. Available on iTunes.

7 Responses

    I would pay anything to get my filthy, grubby mitts on this.
    Or burn a Queen Elizabeth then download it.
    RAtM is my favourite group of ALL time.

  2. Kingy, the ep is along teh same lines as this song. its 5 songs
    really good stuff… .if you like this you will like it all.

  3. I’ll cosign on this record…as if it means anything.

    If you’ve ever enjoyed a Mars Volta or RATM record – you will like this one. I bought it on release date, no questions asked and wasn’t disappointed.

    If their live show actually consisted of Theodore on drums and Zack rapping behind a Rhodes – I’d love every second.