July 3, 2008

Ooohh! That’s Heavy!

Ooohh! That’s Heavy!
Ooohh! That’s Heavy!

Shawn Marbery is the man behind this picture disc vinyl-only up and coming label.

How long has Ooohh! That’s Heavy! been around?

The label was started up in late 2006. Our first release didn’t come out until April of 2007.

What else do you do besides Ooohh! That’s Heavy!?

Not much…work, school, the normal grind.

Your label is vinyl only. Why did you decide that format and what do you like about vinyl over other formats?

I think vinyl has a better sound quality then any other format. I keep hearing people say that it’s a matter of time before the format dies out completely. I figured I’d do my public service and release some good quality music on vinyl before it’s completely obsolete. I’m still the type of dude that would rather drop $15 on an LP then $10 on a download. I feel like I’m getting more “bang for my buck”. Plus… they smell good.

Tell me a little bit about why your releases are also all picture disc format.

I noticed that a lot of the indy rock labels were putting out picture discs, but not many hip hop labels were… except for the occasional promo. I approached Awol with the idea, and he was on board.

What up coming releases do you have?

We got a Thesis Sahib 7″ in the works and a split Deeskee / Escape Artists 7″, which might end up a 10″. We just had Factor’s Chandelier 7″ come out, as well as Babel Fishh’s Fathers First Musket 7″.

You recently released a Lab Waste 7″ as a joint production with Vulgar records. How did that come about?

I had talked with Etienne at Vulgar on and off prior to starting the label. I believe the relationship started through a record trade of some sort. Etienne had helped out promoting our releases in France and sold them through his online mailorder. In 2007 he helped put together a Lab Waste tour in France. I asked him if he had plans to release any Lab Waste material and he informed me that Gino and Thavius had given him permission do so. I asked if he was interested in putting it out together and he said he was game.

What are some underground hip hop records currently in your rotation?

Dday One “Heavy Migration”
Myka9 “It’s All Myka”
Bending Mouth “The EP”
Factor “Chandelier”
Curse Ov Dialect “Lost In The Real Sky”
Xczircles “Act Of Gosh”

Any shout outs?

Raj and UGSMAG for the exposure, my wife Maren, Factor, Awol One, Escape Artists, eMberz, Vulgar Records, Babel Fishh, Almyum, Lab Waste, Thesis Sahib, Mascaria, la2thebay, Access Hip Hop… and anybody out there who has picked up one of our releases, thank you!

For more info on Ooohh! That’s Heavy! check out myspace.com/othrecordings

9 Responses

  1. This is a great label that more people should get behind. In the middle of an industry obessed with cutting corners in a futile attempt to make whatever they can however they can, OTH has restored the faith by actually puttting the art ahead of the business. I wish more people involved in this music stood up and put their money where their mouths are.

  2. They’re gettin a lot of well deserved hype! Legit artwork, with legit musicians..what more can we ask for?

  3. I agree. Vinyl does smell good.

    I have the subtitle n awol one of this, waiting on the factor one in the mail anyday now

    dope shiet.