May 30, 2012

Open Mike Eagle – “Your Back Pack Past” feat. Has Lo

Open Mike Eagle - "Your Back Pack Past" feat. Has Lo

New Open Mike Eagle off of his upcoming album 4NML HSPTL, produced by Awkward, out June 26 on Fake Four.


if youre afraid they might discover your backpack past
start trap rapping
do a bunch of coke
grow a handlebar
do some more coke
there are a hundred ways to cover your backpack past
do some heroin
start a bunch of bands
do some more coke and some more heroin

i know its hard out there for a dinosaur
what you collect all those rare vinyls for?
hall closet full of timbs and adidas stripes
all you needs slim jeans and a tee tonight,
cause you’ve seen the light
its a new regime
there’s so much fresh shit in the music scene
and staying current means fuck what it used to be.
and what you used to like.
you can choose tonight.

cause its all today
its such an awesome day
at least that’s what the dolls and the bloggers say
and what the top 40 jockeys have the callers say
fuck a yesterday dawg throw it all away
fuck a yes yaller, the dj spins links in your web crawlers
the tumblr’s called first church of the dead baller
its a dot net. is we hot yet?
jpeg banner is a platter full of hot sex
write think pieces all about context
write op-eds, in a mock neck
your favorite rap album hasn’t even dropped yet

if you’re afraid they might discover your backpack past
you can do some r&b
if you’re afraid they might discover your backpack past
just make it all about your falsetto


you wear huge shirts
such big jeans
buy some skinny ones
get a fitted tee
mines whitewashed
and i got em torn
it’s street though,
i got boxers on
i done grown out of gangstarr and wu-tang
all the girls here only like gucci mane
i dont know em well
thats rare taste
you can ask em on dates
but they all flake
thats cool they got stuff to do
i don’t care anyway
im just trying to screw
step into the now
being such a prude
drink a forty ounce
thisll get you loose
love free love
never dated anyone more than three months
busy doing things
what’s more important
got a pair of mcflys and a pair of jordans
keep retros
cop on the first day cause i gotta have it
plaid shirt with the rosary im not a catholic
christ head made of wood reading op-eds
and a think-piece on my fav dot net

6 Responses

    1. Have you checked out “Brain Disease”, “I Rock”, “Bright Green Light”? He walks a perfect line between poignant and silly. He’s got shit to say but doesnt get preachy. He gets dope beats. Plus, he’s a really nice, humble dude. I think if you look through his catalogue you’ll find something you like. But like Dr Spanglish said, taste *is* subjective.

  1. This is dope,Universe Man is even doper. Being dope should def get you some fans

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