September 30, 2010

Otem Rellik – Skelephant Remix Tape

Otem Rellik - Skelephant Remix Tape


Skelephant Remix Tape is an amalgamation of songs showcasing not only otem rellik’s craft in his original music, but his ability to dramatically transform other artists’ work as well. With remixes of otem’s contemporaries (Restiform Bodies / Sole and the Skyrider Band) alongside some of his early influences (Wu-Tang / Dr. Octagon), rellik puts his own unique production to task, warping vocals and soundscapes alike. In addition, with bits of songs peppered throughout the mix, this tape gives a peek into otem’s recently released full length album, “Elephant Graveyard”, and also contains unreleased exclusive b-sides.

Track List:
1 Otem Rellik – Empty Coffins
2 Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500
3 Sole and the Skyrider Band – Shipwreckers
4 Otem Rellik – End of Town
5 Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers
6 Otem Rellik – in the Garden
7 Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
8 Otem Rellik – Exit Wound of an Instrument
9 Wu-Tang – C.R.E.A.M.
10 Otem Rellik – Splinters
11 Restiform Bodies – Ameriscan