October 27, 2008

Otem Rellik – The Pale of Another Day EP now available

tem Rellik - The pale of Another Day EP

Otem Rellik’s new ep is now available at deadspacevolume.com for $10. It is eleven songs and also comes with a dvd featuring two music videos. Here is the official write-up for the album:

The pale of another day is a collection of sun bleached loose-ended songs, instrumentals, cover songs and voicemail. Recorded over the last two years, these tracks were never intended for a specific album but have always held a certain unique quality that otem rellik was fond of. Included in this conjoined batch of renegade recordings is the amazing production from Germany’s own com.pare as well as two versions of otem rellik’s first cover song Roberta C by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. This album comes in a homemade package with an 11 song cd, dvd and a booklet. The dvd includes the music video “the machine and me”, as well as the new animated video “the pale”.

For more info check out myspace.com/otemrellik