August 11, 2020

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 13 – Nestor Wynrush

Nestor Wynrush

UGSMAG presents: The P&C2020Pod, where mcenroe is making use of his newfound time at home to share some Peanuts & Corn history. Nestor Wynrush joins mcenroe to talk about their first meeting in a rap battle, Ness’ various releases and the 20 year buildup to finally making a record together.

mcenroe – introduck
The Gumshoe Strut feat. Satchel Paige – The Great Conjuction
Satchel Paige – Desmond Ambrose
Satchel Paige – Enida Watts (Remix)
Gruf – The Plants (Remix)
Gruf – Butchers Bill (feat. Pip Skid, Yy, John Smith, Gumshoe Strut and Satchel Paige)
Nestor Wynrush – Winnipeg South Blues
Nestor Wynrush – Accent (Peanuts Punch)
Yy – Run Around (feat. Nestor Wynrush)
Nestor Wynrush – Terry Fox Adidas
Nestor Wynrush – 42
Nestor Wynrush – Give In

Episode notes:

  • Gumshoe debut album did come out in ‘02.
  • The theme song for Desmond’s was “Don’t Scratch My Soca” by Norman Beaton. He played Desmond. It was not a song by Lord Kitchener. Ness confused it with “London Is The Place For Me.” That song was written by Kitch on the Empire Windrush. Check YouTube for the 4 part BBC Windrush documentary.
  • Randy is Deep Baswala – hosted podcasts and does Punjabi/ English Hip Hop. Ness and him have not spoke since high school.”
  • Trinnipeg is the reality. Layered, complex and a conscious decision. Celebrated mode but also rebellion. Feel free to ask in a future interview (if one ever reaches). I touch on it fractionally in this podcast.

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 13 - Nestor Wynrush