October 27, 2020

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 24 – Shazzam (Frek Sho)

UGSMAG presents: The P&C2020Pod, where mcenroe is making use of his newfound time at home to share some Peanuts & Corn history.  In this episode, he catches up with Sheldon aka Shazzam of Winnipeg’s legendary Frek Sho crew to get into his early hip-hop history, and the long careers of the group and his solo work.

Frek Sho – Role Model (Demo Version)
Frek Sho – In Over Your Head
Frek Sho – Playing With Emotions
Frek Sho feat Mocean – Shock Nutwercs
Frek Sho – Collector
Frek Sho – Chillas Instinct
Epic feat Shazzam – Old Guys Are Ready to Rock The Mic
Micill Shazzam Write – Lip Bomb
Micill Shazzam Write – Man (Trusted By Millions) feat Gruf
Pip Skid feat Shazzam – Team Canada
Micill Shazzam Write and Mindbender – Sacrifice

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 24 - Shazzam (Frek Sho)