November 17, 2020

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 27 – Odario (Part Two)

UGSMAG presents: The P&C2020Pod, where mcenroe is making use of his newfound time at home to share some Peanuts & Corn history.  In this episode, he concludes his conversation with Odario of Mood Ruff  and Grand Analog. In part two, they talk about Peg City Holla, the end of Mood Ruff and the formation of Grand Analog. They talk about working with Shad and with Posdnuos of De La Soul, and play a track from Odario’s latest solo EP.

Track List:
Mood Ruff – Peoples We Ain’t
Mood Ruff – Rocketship
Grand Analog – Take it Slow (Spaces & Places)
Grand Analog – Ballad of the Beast (feat. Shad and Len Bowen)
Grand Analog – Mutations (feat. Posdnuos)
Odario – Peace (feat. Len Bowen and Darn Pemberton)

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 27 - Odario (Part Two)