Feb 2, 2008

Peanuts & Corn Download Only Releases


Peanuts & Corn Records has recently put up some download only releases on their site. These include mcenroe’s Roddy B album, out print records, and some never before released instrumentals. Check out the full list of new downloads here and pick them all up in the P&C store for only $5 each!


  1. Rod is right about Time’s Running Out not getting the props it deserves. “Sucker” is one of the best tracks in P&C history, IMHO.

  2. these dudes are way too underappreciated in todays canadian scene. some of the all time best canadian rap has been made by these guys and frek sho. pip skid/john smith/yy/birdapres and ismaila from frek sho are amongst the sickest rappers in the country without a doubt.

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