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September 6, 2004

Pip Skid

Pip SkidPip Skid

Introduce yourself, your crew and your affiliations.

I am Pip Skid. From Peanuts and Corn Records. I am part of a crew called Break Bread which is mcenroe, John Smith, DJ Hunnicutt, Gruf, and Yy. Plus all the dope rapalot company that I keep like Skratch Bastid, Gumshoe Strut, Shazzam, Satchel Page, Birdapres, Kunga 219, and so on. We love to make rap.

What is the meaning behind the title Funny Farm and what does it say about Pip Skid?

To me Funny Farm is place where they send the lunatics that are beyond help. The Funny Farm is almost like a zoo of sorts. Where the public can come and at a safe distance observe madness and lunacy. It is not the place where Chevy Chase bought a farm or whatever the fuck he did in that shitty movie. What it says about Pipi? Shit, I guess that he’s a fuckin’ nutjob.

If you had to describe your album in one word what would you say and why?

Insane. Why? Well a couple good listens could tell you that.

If I were to say that no one rocks harder that Pip Skid what would you say?

I would say that you’re full of shit. Not that I don’t try but I’d still say that you’re full of shit.

What is the defining moment in your life were you decided to rap?

There would be two. 1) Hearing LL Cool J rapping BAD stopped me dead in my tracks. It flattened me and was one of the most profound moments of my youth. Hearing LL tear through that beat made more sense than anything I’d ever heard or seen up to that point. 2) Next was NWA’s FUCK THE POLICE. That song to me symbolizes all that hip hop should and can be. The voice of the voiceless. I use to have this dream where I would have a nice car with a real nice stereo and I would keep a cassette of FUCK THE POLICE beside the tape deck at all times. So if a fuckin’ cop ever pulled up beside me at a red light I would pop the cassette in and blast it. That song is very responsible for me being a rapper with such attitude.

If I said you were one of the best mc’s in Canada or the best what would you say?

Maybe one of the best, yeah sure, but not the best. I take this shit very serious and it means a lot to me. I work hard as fuck at this. But “best” nah.

Why does it bother you so much when white guys besides Gordski were their hats backwards?

Just one of those pet peeves. Maybe from growing up in Brandon and being around a bunch of dumb ass white guys with backwards hats on. Gordski is exempt from this because of his rural upbringing and outstanding personality. I also am annoyed by people that don’t walk on escalators…..you know they just stand there and block your way.

Was it hard to make the transition from writing for The Hip Hop Wieners to Funny Farm?

No not at all. The beauty of the two is that I can write on how I’m feeling at whatever time and chances are if it don’t fit with Pip’s steez it’ll work with the Hip Hop Wieners or with Fermented. I also spend a lot of time alone so it’s quite natural that I’d write a lot of solo songs.

Is Funny Farm the defining album for Pip Skid?

No but it is getting closer to that point. I can see that LP coming in the future.

Is the hip hop world ready for Funny Farm or will this album be under appreciated only to be rediscovered and heralded years later?

I don’t think it’ll blow up but like all P&C albums it’ll likely be slept on and yea maybe found years from and held up for all to see like some fucking strange unfrozen dinosaur lawyer or something.

Pip Skid

Is Funny Farm your proudest accomplishment to date musically?

It’s hard to say. I do feel that it’s my strongest LP and I am very proud of it. So yea sure, why not.

What do you want to get in return from music and what will it take to get it?

I’m looking at getting a chance to see the world while traveling with my friends. Getting a chance to live off my creativity. Make a little money. Have a lot of fun. And make a lot of good records. I’ve been doing this for a long time now and if it all ended tomorrow I would still feel so blessed to have got the opportunity to have done all this and seen all this. I love to make rap.

It takes so much hard work. There are so many roadblocks and so many tricky puzzles that you have to crack in order to take these baby steps towards “being successful”. It’s been enough to make a lot of people quit long ago. Not P&C though, we keep trooping on and on. I got a lot of songs left to write.

If I had only heard of Farm Fresh, how would you describe the album to me so that I would pick it up?

I’d tell you that it only cost ten bucks and to quit being such a cheap cocksucker.

Who would you like to work with realistically and fictitiously?

Right now I’m working with the folks I want to. John Smith, mcenroe, Hunnicutt, Skratch Bastid, and Gruf these are the dudes I wanna work with. I don’t really think about people I’d like to work with cause I’ve been so spoiled with getting to make music with so many talented people that are good friends. There’s nothing like that. But if I had to I’d say Brother J, Willie D (Geto Boys), Devin the Dude, Otis Redding, Awesome Dre, and MOP.

So, what kind of stuff do you like?

I like good food, rap music, soul, blues, beck’s beer, dancing to good rap, watching Sopranos, a good cup of coffee with a nice cigar, having hot sex, touring, buying records, buying shoes, good conversations, rapping live and in the studio. That’s some of what I like.

What makes Pip Skid angry?

Lots of shit, although I have calmed down a lot.

Cops, shitty laws, rich assholes, cockblockers, breaking a glass in the sink, people bumping into me in public places, George Bush, Paul Martin, and a whole slew of other shit.

Do you consider yourself to be a political/socially conscious rapper or are those terms bullshit and you just rap how you rap?

Yea for the most part I just rap the way I rap. To me that’s what rap is. It’s saying something without being preachy. Hip Hop is political and is conscious in its very nature. So I just live by that code. I rap and I rap HARD. To me there ain’t much to rap unless it’s hard or real smart.

Who would win in a fight Cass from Camobear Records or Myself, Chaps from Side Road Records ? PS Thanks for not letting this go down!

I’d have to say with your secret army training and covert knowledge of hard rap you would likely take the match. But it wouldn’t be an easy victory, Cass is a big tuff man.

What is your most treasured hip hop item?

Well my P&C collection I’m really happy to own. My Scarface “THE DIARY” hockey jersey, the Hip Hop board game, my RAP ATTACK and MTV RAPS card collection, my RAP-A-LOT CD collection, the 1st Freddie Fox LP “the Master” play copy, the Buffalo Soldier “if I had a penny” 12′. And a bunch of other bullshit no one cares about.

Who in your opinion is the best rapper and why?

I don’t have a best rapper. Some of the best to me are…. Scarface, Cee Lo, Cormega, Jay-Z, Ghostface, 2Pac. And that’s not even a top 5 or anything, just off the top of my head. Those are some dope rappers.

Pip Skid

What is the best city in Canada to play in?

I love playing in Winnipeg for the obvious reasons. Saskatoon has always been really fun for me. Calgary is real good to us. Halifax is amazing. London is fuckin’ insane in a “good” way. Vancouver is cool. Even Brandon is pretty fun.

What pisses you off the most about hip hop and people involved in hip hop?

Oh man there’s so much fuckin’ bullshit in the music industry. But sadly enough it’s all part of the job, to deal with that garbage. Hip hop is a beautiful thing but anything can make so much dough will attract some real fuckin’ dickweeds. I’m at an age now though that these things don’t bother me as much. I’m more focused on what I wanna accomplish and I’m just brushing off my shoulders side stepping all these numbnuts.

What would you change about hip hop and life if you could?

I’d change the fact that we get slept on and that so many people constantly get fucked by this world for no reason.

Who is a better rapper Pip Skid or Charlie Brown from Leaders of the New School?

Well shit man…Charlie Brown can rap but I haven’t heard nothing from him in a long minute. So I can’t call it.

How awesome would a group consisting of Pip Skid and MC Ren be?

I think it’d be hilarious but I’m sure MC Ren could give 2 shits about me. We could make some crazy ass songs though.

What is you favourite hip hop cassette?

I don’t have a favourite anything but I’m always grabbing Ghostface – Ironman, EMPD – Strictly Business, Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt and so on.

I personally loved Friends Forever!! It is pure genius!! What would you say about that statement and can we be friends forever?

I’d say you’re fuckin’crazy. And yeah as long as you don’t try and fuck my girl or something then we can kick until the end of time.

Will Bruce Willis strike again?

Always will. You gotta watch that cocksucker.

What is the underlining message behind Funny Farm?

The search for the truth I guess.

What does Pip Skid stand for and what do you stand against?

I stand for truth, good hip hop, freedom, and Killerpeg Murdertoba! Among a host of other things. I stand against lies, wack hip hop, oppression, and Tampa Bay winning the Stanley Cup. Along with a gang of other things.

If John Smith is a man of the people what is Pip Skid?

I’m the Beer Monster just laying in the cut. In behind the scenes.

If Funny Farm were your last album would you be content?

Nope. And good thing it ain’t the last as John Smith and I just finished recording a new LP with Skratch Bastid, JoRun, and Gordski(of THE GOODS).And its dope as fuck! I will never stop, even I ain’t rapping at some point I’ll be singing, DJ’ing drawing or something. NEVER STOP!

What is next for Pip Skid and when can people expect to see you again live?

Well the LP with Bastid and Smitty. mcenroe and I will be touring in Europe in the fall. Bastid and I should be touring in late summer. Hunnicutt and I will here and there. I’m tryin to be all over the place.

How was your tour through the West Coast of the United States? Are there any other North of the border tours planned?

That tour was incredible. It was so fun to be down in southern Cali. I met so many great people and had such a great time. I can’t wait to get back there. Like I said I hope to be on tour most of the time soon.

Who in your opinion is holdin’ it down in Canada?

In Canada outside of P+C I’m feeling Skratch Bastid, The Goods (whose new LP is outta control), Tachichi, Birdapres, Kalib Simmonds, Shazzam Micill Write (Frek Sho), CEE!, epic, and some others.

If I ever part with my hip hop tape collection you can have them!! What do you think about that?

I like the sound of that. The other day at work this dude was tripping cause he said he hadn’t seen a walkman in years. I really like the sound of that. I want those DJ Screw tapes.

How come the vinyl never drops the same time as the CD? Should the LP not drop before the CD? That shit pisses me off!!!

Well it looks like FUNNY FARM may not have a vinyl companion cause of money. The 2xlp’s cost so much and so we decided to put the money into marketing this time around and hopefully it will pay off. It sucks but you gotta make these sacrifices when you’re putting out a shit load of albums and only got so much $$.

What are you going to write on the LP when I get you to sign it?

Shit I’ll have to write on a BG the Price of Rap 12″ or some shit and pretend its FUNNY FARM.

Any last words, insights, stories or shout outs?

I just wanna thank all the people that continue to support us through all these years. We love you all. And big up to ugsmag and Chaps!

peep us at peanutsandcorn.com and [email protected]