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April 24, 2008

Pip Skid – “Pip’s Kid” [VIDEO]

This is a must watch! Crazy dope video for “Pip’s Kid” featuring Black N’ Roll (aka Nestor Wynrush) from Pipi’s Pip Donahue Show EP.

Pip Skid Mini Tour

Sunday April 27th
University of Winnipeg Bulman Centre
7:30 pm $5

Tuesday April 29th
Workhorse Spoken Word Project at TheARTery,
9635-Jasper Ave, 7 pm

Thurs May 1st
Concord Cafe
937 Bloor St West, 7pm, $5

European Tour Info

For more Pip Skid Check out peanutsandcorn.com and myspace.com/pipskid

29 Responses

  1. hahahahah UNBELIEVABLE!

    pip in his current state reminds me of my dad when i was 12.

  2. man, pip gets soooooo f***in red in face, i keep thinkin his head is gonna pop like a balloon full of blood

  3. this video is sooooo good!!
    big ups to pip skid and ness, this thing better be getting some television rotation.

  4. ira lee said

    props yo jay lapeyer too!

    yeah, i love his cinematography… its really well shot and edited… all around dopeness

  5. All around dopness indeed! When pip smacked that cup outta his daughters hands I just about lost it! Too funny!

    Look out for a Pip Skid Interview coming soon to UGSMAG!!!


  6. I can’t believe i didn’t notice this yet. I was actually just in the process of posting a thread about the dopeness of this video and when i looked to the side menu i noticed it was posted up here already, damn noyz don’t slack. This video is amazing and i agree with Chaps the part when he smacks the cup of milk out of that little kids mouth is too funny.

  7. Yeah, this is a really refreshing video. Pip plays the angry father really well. I also loved when he slapped the cup out of the kid’s mouth, and when she starts rapping back to him at the end all angry and shit… Classic. We need more videos like this and less street videos with people just standing at landmarks rapping.

  8. haha yeah i can see a little boy in there too.

    so i guess we are all in agreement? this video is sick

    post it everywhere

  9. the best thing i’ve seen in rap in forever

    thanks pip

    come back to vancouver soon

  10. so dope sick video
    like russel peters says
    more white people should beat their children