third verse

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Set 1
Azreal Raps Good – On The Low – Maddhappy 
Loveable Monks – Walking with an unknown tribe – maple syrup on your drum machine 
Chadio – wrong way – PTR Winter 2023
Bending mouth – stolen from family – bending mouth 
Perfect colour combination- lost souls – stay busy till death 
The Gumshoe Strut – humble abode – styles make fights 
Rove x Rob Crooks – opium – ptr winter 2023
Swamp thing feat pip skid – Zeus -Noise machine

Set 2
Ol gorilla bones – blood money – revenge vol 1
Noah 23 – fast life – Ikosi Tria
Fresh Kils feat junk, Rel McCoy and d-sisive- cradle to the coffin – disclaimer 
Ambeez & uncle fester feat moka only – finish line – enjoy 
World Renown – how nice I am – world renown 
Rap Ferreira- brother mouzone library card – the light emitting diamond cutter scriptures 
Milo – myth building exercise no 9 – budding ornithologists are weary of tired anthologies 
Scallops Hotel – too much of life is mood – too much of life is mood

Set 3
Aj Seude feat rich Jones & Bloodmoney Perez – wonder – oil on canvas 
Aj Seude – nubuchadenezer- Avada kadavra 
Billy woods feat far ray – schism – church 
Shrapknel – mescalito- metal Lung 
Glass cutters – this god – glass cutters 
Riddlore? – sunrise – west wing

Third Verse
Third Verse Rap Radio
February 22, 2023
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