third verse

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Set 1
Ink operated feat Josh Martinez – Theories – low pressure compilation 
Noah 23 – bright green laces – fry cook on Venus 
Kinnie Starr – drop – tune up 
Cam the Wizzard – the wheel – hide your babies 
Luckyiam feat aceyalone and slug – for you – I love haters 
Sunspot jonz feat grouch and eligh – Kombat the enemy – child ov the storm

Set 2 
Aceyalone – bigger they come – hip hop and the world we live in
Employee of the month – ubuvv purr – ur a fucken loser 
SBU – 9 billion – in space no one can hear you rhyme 
Nato and touch- what I wanna say- are the representatives in intelligent design 
Knowself – right now – aleph
Max prime – rap aikido – minstrel cycles 
Barracuda 72 feat Noah 23 – deadly rays – Tetragrammoth

Set 3
Bored Stiff – in the house – from the ground up 
Lmno – – this Ep reminds me of 93
Sole – prosperity- learning to walk
Onry Ozzborn – dance your life away – the grey area 
Addvice – bargin bin disaster – blunt trauma 
Homeless dereilex – deep thought – hds Vs the sp-1200

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
January 25, 2023
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