third verse

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Set 1
Serengeti- universe – the gentle fall 
Fresh Kils feat Phoenix Pagliacci – ain’t no way
Thrust – remember when – the chosen are few 
Wordburglar – micheckla – the MacGuffin device 
Homeboy Sandman – the only constant – there in spirit
Elucid – sardonyx – I told Bessie 
Rammellzee – crayzay – cosmic flush

Set 2
Glass Cutters – Supernova – Glass Cutters 
Dl Incognito – Singularity – what once was will never be 
Frankenstein- shutem down remake – welcome to the true north 
Ambeez & uncle fester – searching ‘21- enjoy
Id Obelus feat oblio, chadio and Mc Homeless- understudy – place pieces 
Factor Chandelier feat open Mike eagle – sleep upside down 
Noah 23 – Timothy Leary – Ikosi Tria

Set 3
Sole & dj pain1 – collapsing 20’s- post American studies 
Tough Dumplin – bad tourist – foundation for better lyrics 
Shades of culture – pay rent II- Mindstate 
rob sonic – mink – Latrinalia 
Aj seude – all your base – hundred years darkness
Gel Roc feat abstract rude and awol one – poetry of war – edge of the edge 
Gruf and Yy feat Bazooka Joe – don’t even ask – mental health day 
Zuckell & roughneck Jihad – Osiris – bay city quiet pills 
Ceschi – give me an inch – this guitar was stolen

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
January 4, 2023
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