third verse

Catch Third Verse on CFCR 90.5 fm in Saskatoon, SK every Wednesday 9-10:30pm CST. Hosted by Chaps. Stream online via or Radio Garden.

Set 1
MCJ & Cool G – so listen – so listen 
Chadio – wrong way – Pen thief records winter 2023
Perfect color combination feat megabusive – and I know – stay busy till death 
Boxguts – alchemy – Royal water 
Sixtoo – daggers on all corners – documenta.lll.l
Josh Martinez – chicken shit – documneta.lll

Set 2
John Smith & mcenroe – no room for subtlety documenta.lll
Curse ov dialect – all cultures – lost in the real sky 
A7pha – hater hate it – A7pha
Busdriver – gun control – temporary forever 
Dark time suneshine feat ceschi – lore – lore 
Dark time suneshine – Ritalin – lore 
Rove feat awol one – children of the night – if not now

Set 3
Cam gram and gam – l p and c – party till your body stops
Neila feat awol one – how it is – better late than never 
The returners – beautiful mourner -break up your make up 
John smith, pip skid, Skratch Bastid feat sleep- reappin the benefits – 12”
Swamp thing feat more or Les – fixin – noise machine 
Hail Mary Mallon – Jonathan- bestiary
Noah 23 – fast life – Ikosi Tria 
Signone feat id Obelus – hater rhymes – the mighty highs and the lowly lows

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
March 15, 2023
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