third verse

Catch Third Verse on CFCR 90.5 fm in Saskatoon, SK every Wednesday 9-10:30pm CST. Hosted by Chaps. Stream online via or Radio Garden.

Set 1
Rob One Allstars – Rob One Rock On – we came from beyond
Hip hop wieners fest the Gumshoe strut, Yy, gruf, mcenroe, Gordski, Kunga 218 and Birdapres- studio time – all beef no chicken

Set 2
Subtitle feat no can do, 2Mex, lmno, Existereo, pterodactyl, psc Luckyiam, awol one, Murs, vixxin, puzoozoo watt, life rexal & busdriver – crew cut (for sale) – young dangerous heart
Gruf, mcenroe, pip skid, Yy, John Smith and Hunnicutt – we make noise break bread Ep
Awol one feat taiyamo denku, Buck 65, sahtyre, jizzm, ominous words, open Mike eagle, abstract rude, copywrite, 2Mex – micro chips – scribbleface
Pip skid feat recyclone, Kunga 219, gruf, Shazzam, knowself – long live Bruce Willis – friends forever
Deeskee fest 2Mex, liferexal, doc lewd, matre, maleko, subtitle and Joe dub- aka live in moss beach – black light sessions

Set 3
Kitz Willman – left lane Larry – grim errands
Dren feat fabric and dayda banks – leaving neverland – remixes
Factor and Joe Dub feat Nolto – Voice Mail – live in 75
Perfect color combination- outta range – stay busy till death
Boxguts – acts of balance – Royal water
Kay the Aquanaut, cam the Wizzard, m.Phasis, ben e Elim, nolto and forgetful Jones – I’m here now – b- sides
Id Obelus feat Oblio, Mc Homeless and chadio – understudy – Pen Thief Records Winter 2023

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
March 29, 2023
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