third verse

Catch Third Verse on CFCR 90.5 fm in Saskatoon, SK every Wednesday 9-10:30pm CST. Hosted by Chaps. Stream online via or Radio Garden.

Set 1
Park Like Setting – struggle raps – this, that and and the third
The Gumshoe strut feat rob crooks and pip skid – extra! Extra!
mcenroe and yy – Compound interest- eight quarters
Les architekts – le plan – le plan
Lxvndr x tachichi – one for the smoke – found money
Buck 65 -challenge to the underground – super dope
Mickey O’Brien – the medicine – orebody

Set 2
Mathematik- one plus one – mathuniversal
Super duty tough work – first strike – paradigm shift
Cve – cbt shit – critical bass theory
Homeboy sandman – off the rip – rich
Video Dave and controller 7 -youtellme – articulatedtextiles
Andrew and zilla rocca – Draper papers – don’t wait for me to leave
Akai solo – what’s a win – spirit roaming
Roughneck Jihad and maestro Gamin – they all cum – the incredible torture show
Curly Castro – martimo Plano – tosh

Set 3
Armand hammer – – we buy diabetic test strips
Fatboi sharif – Brandon Lee- decay
Busdriver -elsewhere and elsewhen – made in love
Mestizo – rainbows- Iiwii
Rove feat aj seude – anytime – poke the bear
Rap Ferreira- ark door – 5 to the eye with stars
Skech185 and Jeff Markey – western automatic music parts 1 and 2- he left nothing for the swim back

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
Nov 1, 2023
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