June 6, 2018

Praxis Life – “Egology” feat. DJ Chaps

The latest single from Praxis Life’s upcoming album, Mirror Mask.

Praxis Life’s latest “Egology” featuring DJ Chaps is a sonic critique of the mindless individualism best personified by Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. Prax’s delivery of “commodity festish needs purchasing futility” reaches a boiling point as Chaps cuts up Black Thought spitting the antidote: “Mirrormask”. Check out @praxislife on IG Instagram for a graphic story that incorporates the songs lyrics to culture jam present day politrix.

This follows Praxis Life’s recent track with Kay the Aquanaut, “Empire’s Fall”, released in solidarity with the Tiny House Warriors to support the Indigenous led resistance to the Kinder Morgan tar sands oil pipeline.