October 23, 2008

Psynlangwage – Speak With Our Hands

Psynlangwage - Speak With Our Hands

Psynlangwage are three brothers (DaDestroya, Negrosapien, and HemmRage) from the small Quebec city of Châteauguay and Special Ed is their cousin. Their debut album Speak With Our Hands is out now, check out myspace.com/psynlangwage for more info.

Psynlangwage - Speak With Our Hands

15 Responses

  1. these guys look a few chromasomes short of a full set.


    who cares who yo cousin is?

  2. It says on their myspace page that Special Ed is their Uncle. Ugsmag shame on you for not gettin your facts straight!

    This is actually pretty dope! On the Prowl is the jam!

  3. Well it says in their one sheet that Special Ed is their cousin and I believe paper over internet, especially myspace. Anyways, they have the same last name… not that it matters.

  4. these guys put on some of the best energy i’ve seen in a live show, you gotta see them live

  5. PSYN UP!! PSYN UP!!! PSYN UP!!! i got the album at there show and i was just stunned how lyricaly amazing these guys are. Not to forget the impressive and unique beats that i’ve never heard before anywhere…this is byfar one of my best discoveries of 2008…

  6. i don’t know what to make of this. it’s good i guess. why isn’t special ed on any of their records? you think ed knows this obscure group from canada is name dropping him?!

  7. Rooster is wack, Who cares who “yo” cousin is? These guys will own u in a debate, or a battle, so until you know who yer dissin, especially on the internet.. Keep “yo” wack opinions to “yo”self


  8. PSYN UP! I saw these guys open for Red 1…SICK STUFF… Wavin stuff all over the place. See them live, thats it.