Nov 19, 2008

Q-Tip “Renaissance Rap” [video]


Video for Q-Tip’s “Renaissance Rap,” directed by Rik Cordero off of The Renaissance, in stores now.


  1. countturrack

    cool track…

  2. IP

    fuck yeah!!!!

    wow….is spam the gizz waking up?

  3. That was cool. Cordero even makes lo-fi stuff that’s compelling. For a split second, I thought the lady with the black hair was Sasha Grey making another cameo. :D

  4. why am i tripping out.
    this track isnt on the album., but i cant find it anywhere, and i know ive heard it before this video.

    that sample is so catchy.

  5. I think it’s on the tail end of another joint on the album.

  6. sadr

    eff yeah. who produced this?

  7. your right al, its at the end of move.

    says its produced by dilla.

  8. max prime

    cool track. though i dont understand the concept of the vid.

  9. declone

    that wasnt very good. pretty boring actually, and the video made no sense.


    Wow this could have been straight of Midnight M

  11. “cool track. though i dont understand the concept of the vid.
    Could be a commentary on the amount of surveillance in (North) America, although we’re not on par with the UK. Who knows? I like it though…it’s noir-ish, but breezy.
    I like how the end ties into the album cover.

  12. Birdapres

    Did he did not talk about being in a cipher with SIR IBU on that shit!!???!!! I would have kinda dug it, but that put it over the top for me… I gotta order this on vinyl.

  13. IchabodChron

    Dope track, video kind of reminds me of Beastie Boys – Sabotage vid crossed with Jason Bourne. Not sure what’s going on here I guess he has agent fans aha. Nice to see him with another album out finally!


    move video

    rik cordero directed too.

    not as interesting.

    although move is one of my favourite tracks ont he album.

  15. Dj kutdown

    I am really loving this song/video.

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