June 27, 2011

Radioinactive – “Pyramidi” video

Old but good; video for the title track from Radioinactive’s 2001 album Pyramidi on Mush Records. Directed by Anisa Qureshi.



Prophet of god
In quest of the uttermost
Long have you searched the distances for your ship
And now your ship has come and you must needs go
Deep is your longing for the land of your memories
And the dwelling place of your greater desires
And our love would not bind you
Nor our needs hold you
Yet this we ask ere you leave us
That you speak to us and give us of your truth

This is a journey
Into the desert
As I enter the measure
On the back of a camel
That was robotic
And I got it from a lizard-man
That came from a hole in the sky
That came down in a prehistoric time
With a holographic rhyme
Accelerating mankind
From a grunting
Hunting caveman
To an upright
More intelligent slave hand
With obedience to follow an invisible diplomat
So follow my orders
Or you’ll be punished
In the desert storm
In the sand where the desert’s warm
Where the peasants’ corn doesn’t grow very well
And there’s a smell of frankincense
Frankenstein is a mummy in a different way
So save a dead pharaoh like your money in a recycled bottle
With a genie in it
Wait a minute
Watch out for that evil genie who offers a wish
But when you get what you wish for
You’ll wish you never picked up that bottle of spirits
It’s a burial ground
You’re grounded
Put the marionette down
How it amounted
Puppeteer can you lower this price here
I just met a man that came from the sky
And I can’t lie
When he told me we were puppets in the world
Controlled by the greed and the girls and the government
And the preservation of the lizard people on the earth
And the loss of the love
Due to the cost of the goods
Since our separation from our mother’s womb at birth
The tomb was searched
And I found this here
And I’ll trade it for and explanation of the missing link
I’m missing your point
So I’ll point this spear at your throat and I’ll take it from you anyways
Or there will be whips and running
For the ship is coming
And I’m running out of fuel for my jet pack
(So get back
Or suffer the wrath)

Well the dance and the song of a people is a culture
And a culture can be grown in a dish
With a wooden test tube
And a slide of earthenware
And a hieroglyphic operating microscope
I’m a creator god
And I created you
To erect a colossal monument
For the mothership is coming to earth to snatch her people
My uniform is made
From a metal not of earth
And we all can’t go
With respect to the exodus of slaves
And the high tech petroglyph with a tractor beam
Part the Red Sea
And the Ark of the Covenant was weapon of religion for the visitors protecting their investment
All the prototypes are really cheap when you buy them bootleg on a different planet
Boot them up
Transport the soldiers in the orbit to a moderate climate
Upgraded from an older version of a primate
DNA changed
So you can’t remember who made you from an egg
Back to the grave
(Back to the grave)