December 12, 2012

Ras G – AinaT EP


1. Fixed-Air Detachmentz….
2. Gone…..
3. Gone(interlude)
4. Lentil Quesa-DILLA
5. duh….Mmhhmmm…Eye browz xx
6. Bloody episodes…
7. Lil feet…
8. farewell CosMc T….

“I Made this before i went 2 LDN for a month(Oct 2021)
I was hella depressed in spacebase thinking about ainaT( my ex)
Hardest time in my life…i can honestly say…never felt like that
what a rough time it was
henny and blunts 4 breakfast 3 pack of backwoods a day….I was feeling it hella yall!!!…all i could do 2 keep her off my mind was make shit.. did`nt add any airhorns or drops cause this project was not about _G.” — @Ras_G