Oct 5, 2010

Ras Kass ft. Planet Asia, Krondon & Phil the Agony, Mistah FAB, Montage One, Chino XL "Scenario 2012" video


From Ras Kass & DJ Rhettmatic’s A?.?D?.?I?.?D?.?A?.?S album. Produced By J. Bizness. Video directed by Rusty Rayburn.

via grandgood


  1. Intro is too long. Chorus sucks. Mistah FAB wasn’t even part of the video. Result? Boring.

  2. The beat is super boring too.

  3. Avatar max prime

    i dont mind this song at all.

    its good to see phil the ag is still doing his thing

    “rawr rawr like a drunken sailor ….” :O

  4. Yeah, Phil the Ag’s verse was dope. This wasn’t terrible.

  5. Avatar The r

    I have yet to be disappointed by a PTA verse. Even when he can barely stand up. Asia and Chino were stand outs too.

  6. Avatar max prime

    Phil da agony, i just had to throw tha name in

  7. Avatar SUBS

    why wouldnt they just stay with Res Dogs.. and do it right.. instead a boring white backdrop and an elevator.. this guys in the states need to holler at stuey and get some storyline in there lives.. same ol vid.. boring

  8. The beat fucking sucks and the rap is boring as fuck. Expected much fucking more. Fuck off. GET OUTTA HERE!!!

  9. Avatar Balzac

    the mc’s are good on this, you guys are crazy. the drums are very similar sounding to the original and i like the embedded homage lines in there as well from a few of them. plus money B subbing for mistah fab. i laughed.

  10. Avatar The r

    The drums are the same. Either looped from the original track or sampled from the same record.

  11. Avatar chris plus

    all the shit talking in this threadis fucking hilarious

  12. Avatar kcom

    MQUE and Soup getting major background props.
    I agree with you guys though, this is boring.

  13. chino and ras ripped it…. you can-t redo scenario with a chorus like that.

  14. Avatar max prime

    they we’re probably high when they came up with the idea. i think its a hella lazy idea for a song. but it at least its semi enjoyable, like a small bag of chips. this song will still be forgotten in a month despite its good moments

  15. Avatar Relsoe1

    shitty lineup.. dont like the guy but chino randomly ripped it

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