May 24, 2011

Rift Napalm & Meaty Ogre – Closure EP


Rift Napalm & Meaty Ogre - Closure EP

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Download:Rift Napalm & Meaty Ogre – “Naples Deli” mp3

New release from long time Galapagos4 contrubutors Rift Napalm & Meaty Ogre, out today.

Rift Napalm has been an elusive figure in hip hop. Briefly flirting with his 1st love over sporadic appearances including underground favorite ‘Long Dirty Word’ produced by Meaty Ogre, there was high hope & anticipation. However, since then, life itself has gotten in the way of making music. Hip hop briefly lost the balancing act, leaving an album’s worth of introspective and complex lyrics unrecorded. ‘Closure’ is an attempt to end that chapter and reverse that trend. Rift makes amends with these 5 songs, once again using Meaty Ogre as the perfect mediator.

This EP celebrates a overdue collaboration of 2 long time G4 contributors. ‘Closure’ brings back Meaty Ogre’s instrumentals from Dreas’ cult classic Heardrums label 45s, all which are long sold out and go for top dollar. Over the instrumentals are tracks that Rift’s followers may recognize from live performances over the years, including ‘Coffee Cold’ which had been also previously recorded and saw limited release on G4 tour CDs in the early 2000s. Also included is one newer track, ‘Water Sine’. Overall it’s a refreshing look at what was, what is, and what can become.

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