August 3, 2008

Riviera Regime – “Sacrificial Offer”

Toronto’s Riviera Regime (Klee Magor and Benny Brahmz) are Israeli Army veterans and recent signees to Psycho+Logical-Records. Look for their new CD/DVD Real Soldierz Ride in stores August 19th, featuring appearances by Necro, Danny Diablo, Q-Unique, Mr. Hyde, Nems, and many more.

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  1. these guys weren’t very good when they were here opening for necro.

    i didn’t know they were canadian though.

  2. all the b-list rappers on pyscho. logical are fucking terrible
    danny diablo, these douches, those boom boxx disciples, lenny hachet, it’s all borderline icp rap.

  3. this video/song is really unremarkable and the whole “fuck my audience” thing is so played.

  4. # heywoodjablome
    those boom boxx disciples

    Woah woah woah thats some greasy talk I think you may have the names mixed up here. Boombox Disciples are out of Edmonton here and they are mad ill, they definatley are not on the ICP tip lol


  6. i ain’t feelin their flows or rhymes at all. i love hardcore if it’s dope on the rhyme and flow tip but i don’t think these guys do as well as say a necro or mr hyde or RA etc…. i do agree with the guy that posted above me though. it’s all good to not like their shit but that zionist pigs comment was uncalled for and WOULD result in getting your face batted in if you had the balls to say it face to face to these guys. i met these dudes and they were actually real cool. some real dudes. i’m just not feelin this song.

    –how ironic that rappers brag and brag, but their egos are some of the most fragile ones around?

    If asked, I will tell them, respectfully, that I’m not feelin’ what they do. To their faces.
    Y’know…if that ever happens. I’m under no obligation to like ’em. But, whatever. Props to them.

  9. if they ain’t zionist pigs what the fuck they doin’ in with time spent servin’ the israeli military?

  10. this video is gangsta….these dudes are from Toronto….thats dope!…yo nicholai…..if they were in the israeli army it means that they felt they had a reason to do it….maybe for their familes or for themselves…..if that makes them zionists then so what??….but u calling them pigs for defending their homeland is like me calling u a pig for being an anti-semite… bout i go one step further and just call u an arab nazi pig! how u like them apples?? last i heard israel and canada were allies….R.I.P to our fallen canadian soldiers fighting in trashcanistan

  11. Chris. How’s it feel to be a dumb shit? Is Arab a derogatory term now you racist motherfucker? I’m actually not arab. I’m an american who takes no sides in the bullshit israel-palestine conflict. Everyone fighting over there is a fucking tool. Oh yea you dumb motherfucker. Being anti-zionist has nothing to do with being an anti-semite. I got nothing against the jewish… I’ll go one step further and say that I respect the jewish… just the not the ones who happen to be evil zionist pigfuckers.

    Do you know what a zionist is chris? Keep jerkin’ off to the riviera regime! This music is a joke. Why the fuck would you listen to shit like this when you got got non-phixion, old school wu-tang, biggie, and jedi mind tricks? This is watered down garbage of the same genre…

  12. i talked to benny brahmz when they were in calgary and dude is pretty cool so i got nothing but respect for rr
    not interested in the music though

  13. yeah just cuz they are “hard as fuck” doesn’t mean they make good music.
    and if they can’t take criticism, the music is the wrong business one to be in.

  14. nicholai u are a clown…how can u say u have respect for the jewish…but u call their country evil zionist pigfuckers….wow and i’m the racist one…..ya ok buddy…your a fuckin idiot….i guess bob marly and the whole rasta fari religion that also call themselves zionists..and rock with the star of david…..i guess they also pig fuckers according to u…..a zionist is a person that lives or has support for the land of zion aka israel….or i guess to u it would be called arabia aka palestine…..cuz u seem to be pretty harsh against a whole nation of people….i would like to see u call a canadian soldier a pig fucker….because probably to u they are…u probably the type that gets your history lessons from cnn….your basically a brainwashed idiot who thinks that he knows more then others…your a fool

  15. Chris? are you kidding me? You’re the fool. When Bob Marley sings about Zion he’s not singing about israel!!! hahahahaha. He’s singing about Africa. Not the same Zion buddy. And Jews and Zionists are apart from each other. There are actually man jews who are anti-zionist such as orthodox jews. Israel is not the jew’s country… it is the zionist’s country.

    and arabia… which in modern tame terms is the arabian penisula doesn’t contain israel you fucking idiot. You are indeed the racist one… you are racist against arabs and other middle easterners…

    Chris. You are the clown, you just clowned yourself.

    and since when did Bob Marley rock with the star of david? what the fuck are you talking about? Rastafarians and Jews are two different things man… I don’t know where the fuck you got your information.

    I don’t get my history lessons from news channels, I get em from books by legit authors… its qujite obvious however though, that you don’t get ANY history lessons you ignorant motherfucker. Checkmate.

  16. bob marley doesnt rep the star of david??? u ever see his logo for tuff gong u idiot?? and yes rastas are refferring to the one and only zion….the one from the bible u fool….there is no place in africa called zion….they beleive that haile salasi(wrong spelling) the emporer of ethiopia was a direct blood decendent of king david (a jewish king who was a zionist in the biblical times…cuz he fought and killed for that land)…so guess what…they have an affinity with the land of zion aka israel!!! CHECKMATE ON U ASSHOLE!!

  17. oh and by the way, i am not racist against anyone…i have arab friends, muslim friends, etc….it is you who came on here and called people pigs…so u should check yourself u dick…..and what percentage of jews actually hate on their own country?? what like .002%….so your facts are lame….and u also totally contradict yourself when u admit that israel is not part of the arabian peninsula…..cuz if it isnt (which i know it isnt) then why are jews pigs for living and defending their own land from the arabs that arent originally from their anyways….u just admitted that israel is not arabia….meaning that arabians came up there from arabia and tried to take it over….as they did most of the middle east during their conquest….now who got checkmated…you twice! moron.

  18. Chris? Your ignorance is profound man. I never said anything about “JEW PIGS”, you’re putting words in my mouth. I said zionist pigs… ZIONISM is not JUDAISM for the last fucking time! And there are a rather large amount of jewish people who aren’t down for returning to israel, and its not a matter of “hating on their own country”.

    and bob marley is not talking about israel you fucking putz!

    here’s a direct quote from the rastafari wikipedia page I dug up for your dumb racist ass

    “In Rastafarian teachings, Africa is associated with Zion, and Africa/Zion is the starting place of all human ancestry as well as the original state of mind that can be reached through meditation and the ganja herb.”

    and this

    “In the 10th century BC, The Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia was founded by Menelik I, the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, who had visited Solomon in Israel. 1 Kings 10:13 claims “And King Solomon gave unto the Queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants.” On the basis of the Ethiopian national epic, the Kebra Negast, Rastas interpret this verse as meaning she conceived his child, and from this, conclude that African people are among the true children of Israel, or Jews. Beta Israel black Jews have lived in Ethiopia for centuries, disconnected from the rest of Judaism; their existence gave some credence and impetus to early Rastafari, validating their belief that Ethiopia was Zion.”

    and this

    “For Rastafarians, Zion is to be found in Africa, and more specifically in Ethiopia, where the term is also in use. Some Rastas believe themselves to represent the real Children of Israel in modern times, and their goal is to repatriate to Africa, or to Zion. Rasta reggae is peppered with references to Zion; among the best-known examples are the Bob Marley songs ‘”Zion Train,” “Iron Lion Zion,” the Damian Marley song “Road to Zion,” and Lauryn Hill “Zion”.”

    Haha, so you’ve been bumpin’ bob marley this whole time thinking of israel and the jewish? Haha… jesus.

    And I don’t think its necesarilly wrong for the jewish to be living in israel, it was originally (as told in history) their land so yea. I do however believe it is wrong how they went about going back there in the last century (post WW2) and displacing the people who were settled there prior to them coming back. Israel is a fucking terrorist state and their hands are just as bloody as the irrational palestinians who return the acts of terror. If you were not born in israel, but later move there (when it is already packed with people!) and serve in their army (abusing the palestinians) then in my eyes you are a fucking pig. It also doesn’t help if you make shit music.

    Go read a fucking book chris. Learn how to spell too. You type like a 2nd grader and I bet you speak like one too.

  19. selassie I give his personal land,called shashamane for repatriation back in the 1960’s, it was quite a large area but later regimes have scaled it down to only about 10 acres,and there’s about 200 people living there or so, but the government has only given them squatter status now

  20. and yes rastas are refferring to the one and only zion….the one from the bible u fool….there is no place in africa called zion…-chris

    actually the other dude is right
    also alot of the time when bob marlet refered to “zion”
    he was actually reffeing to MOUNT ZION at nine mile on the island of jamaica (where he was born, and laid to rest)
    no need to argue i was there i saw and heard everything.

  21. You guys are getting fuckin retarded with this nonsense, I think its dope Riveria Regime temaed up with PLR, who wouyld have thought that Canada cats woould be reppin like that, good work,. I bought a cd off of benny at the necro show he seemed like a good guy, he was friendly snd shit no need to be dissing him online, people wouldnt be saying shit to these guys if they were on tour or whatever with the goons or his crew in person nuff repsect to RR and PLR

  22. I would have preferred the people “repping for Canada” didn’t suck. I’m sure these guys put in work. I’m sure they’re cool peeps. I’m sure they could beat up most of the people who’ve posted comments here.

    They still have wack raps and a wack video. No matter who they are down with.

    Now let’s get back to white guys arguing about Zion and shit.

  23. I’ve heard much worse too, doesn’t mean you have to settle for garbage like this though, garbage is still garbage even if it doesn’t stink as bad as the last pile…

    I find it hilarious too that they have goons in their video and that supposedly follow them around on tour…. is that their censorship crew or what? Protecting RR from kids like us telling them the truth and hurting their feelings. I’m talkin’ shit online cause I saw this online… the video is boring as fuck and if you seriously like it THAT MUCH, you must be retarded yourself.

    song and video is boring like plain toast…

  24. I dont really like it that much either but I can respect there hustle. Whats wrong with that?

  25. whats great is how much comments their video generated….the fact is that RR makes dope shit…hate on it as much as u want and try to convince others that its shit…but the fact is its dope….how u gonna argue with me on that….thats my taste….and thats that! now since u dont like it so much and if its such garbage to u haters….then i dont expect to see a reply of hate to my comment…..cuz u shouldnt even be on this page if its garbage to u….would u re-open your trash bin everyday to look at your trash….no ofcourse u wouldnt….so obviously since u keep coming back to this page, your very infatuated with something over here….and if it aint the music or the video…then its gotta be that u are simply an online hater who has no life….basically a loser! now thats pretty sad…way sadder then any song or video can ever be! i know theres some real g’s over here that feel me on that one.

  26. actually the sad part is that you signed up to ugsmag just to give this video, and the mediocre mc’s props.

  27. what kept me coming back to this page was not RR or the video (that only got one play). It was the fact that you were making such a big idiot out of yourself chris. You just got straight schooled and look at what you resort to. You don’t admit that you were wrong but instead you go on a bullshit filled rant about garbage cans and real g’s…

    I’m not a hater I just don’t like crappy music that lacks artistic integrity. You don’t hold things to such high standards though because your a fucking simpleton who likes music that dumbs down the masses. Fuck this shit music and fuck you.

  28. oh yea, and “jewish gangsters” certainly aren’t living by the torah… another wack ass side of this – hypocrisy. Dudes without a purpose like this oughta go molotov themselves..

  29. haha, there was just an advertisement at the top of this page for “bah mitzvahs in jerusalem”

    are the ads on this site designed to coincide with the comments we are making?

  30. In defence of Noize, there’s no reason he shouldn’t have this on his site. They are Canadian and are affiliated with PLR – sure the song might not be the greatest but to me it’s equal to the Mcenroe and Why? video’s that were posted here awhile back. It’s news but not something everyone will like. This is an online magazine so to me it’s as relevant as any other artist that is posted on here.

  31. no, non-supportive comments and childish bickering actually count as -1 comments

    least ugsmag comments on a single post ever? damn.

  32. staas, where the fuck are the rules that say I can’t express my honest opinion on here. I throw a lot of dirty words into the mix but the shit you describe as childish bickering was really me trying to convince chris that he was dead wrong about rastas and their meaning of zion. Dude was coming off as a complete idiot on me because I said a video is wack and criticized israel (which really has nothing to do with the topic at hand so my bad).

    Not many videos/songs that get posted here deserve to catch negativity, but this one does because there isn’t a single good thing about it. This shit ain’t hip hop its just plain ridiculous.

    So keep waving your knives and guns around and tell me I can’t call out bullshit when I see it because its non-supportive and childlike! come the fuck on.

  33. No matter how much you hate this song it is still hip hop so stop being a whiny little bitch about it.

  34. this site is titled UNDERGROUNDSOUND MAGAZINE. Shit don’t gotta be hip hop to be on here but it should be viewed as dope. Only kids viewin’ this as dope are the ones suckin’ whip cream canisters and sniffin’ their moms nail polish…

    fuck the whole PLR and psychologically backwards camp… just a bunch of dude’s you wouldn’t wanna end up in the penitentery showers with… wack-ass, no good, soulless, ogre rapists.

  35. the fact that these dudes are canadian and signed to PLR is enough to make them newswotrhy. PLR is a dope label, not feelin riviera regime cause i prefer better hymes and flows but Q- Unique, Necro and Mr Hyde kill it, whats not to love…can’t beleive you’re hating on PLR