May 17, 2010

Rocky Reason – “Only 1” (The Bikini Experiment) video



  1. Woody Hoodpecker

    Nova Rocka”lol”fer is probably drowning in her tears right now.

  2. shes a good rapper.

    where is she from?

    • Not sure where she was living before, but she’s part of Slang Corp. so that means she’s been in New Jersey for a least the last few years.

  3. kcom

    I just filmed a video of me rocking some new tracks on the toilet in my Gitch…How do I post it on here Noyz???

  4. Hugh Morris

    sounded like a cage…

  5. haha this sucks but the bikini angle got me to check it, wack raps, pretty decent tits. Mission accomplished I guess.

    • Royal-T

      hahahaha fuckin ugsmag is a hilarious time killer thanks to the likes of hilarious comments like these. Bitter old canadian rappers are some of the funniest dudes I know

  6. joker

    she’s slammin hot. and her album is better than this.

  7. pistol

    she’s from detroit, lived in jersey for a few years, and is now back in detroit

  8. Royal-T


  9. sen wolf

    this is certainly sparking quite the discussion! it’s not bad. not great. but she’s hotter than most female rappers. and prolly just as good. lol.

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