October 7, 2009

Ron Contour (Produced by Moka Only) – The Summer of Ron

Ron Contour "The Summer of Ron" in stores now!

Ron Contour doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He knows where he stands in the midst of today’s shaky music industry climate. Ron Contour has worked too hard and too long to care about the mundane details that plague so many of hip hops a and b listeners. Ron Con is a proud “c-lister”. A hip hop cunundrum (sic), a man of few means yet many dreams and a penchant for the peculiar. For over a decade now, Ron Contour has made his presence felt with 3 full length albums and hundreds of mixtape spots. Restaurant tours have kept him busy in the lean times in between albums. Ron Contour formed a partnership with the Grammy ignored Moka Only as Moka has been supplying him with raw, dirty beats since Ron’s commercial inception in 1998. Now Ron returns with his 16-track full length The Summer of Ron

Free Download: The Summer of Ron Album Sampler


11 Responses

  1. THIS sounds like the old Ron Contour album!

    production is slick but still dusty.

    ordered it online already, thanks for the headsup!

    1. Endub don’t know shit about hip hop besides “soul rap” and west coast shit. Learn your hip hop history cracker.