November 10, 2010

Rushden & Diamonds – 2010 ft. Moka Only, Jacky Jasper, Kutmasta Kurt, MC Paul Barman, Stroker DeLuca + more [3 videos]

Rushden & Diamonds – “C.H.A.R.L.E.S.” feat. Stroker DeLuca and Kutmasta Kurt

Rushden & Diamonds – “Seize Him”

Rushden & Diamonds – “We want Rushden”

Three Stuey Kubrick directed videos from Rushden & Diamonds (Vancouver’s The Volunteerz) album 2010. The double disc concept album features Moka Only, Jacky Jasper, Kutmasta Kurt, William White, Lord T & Eloise, MC Paul Barman, Baba Brinkman, Lil’ Bit, Hydro, Coast Riderz and Stroker DeLuca.

2010 is a comedic conceptual double disc album that revolves around characters Michael Rushden and Karl, Lord Edward Diamonds in a not too distant future in British Columbia. The concept follows the story of a burnt out rock ‘n roller named Michael Rushden as his life makes a turn for the worse. After borrowing money off of a shady pusher ( Played by Jacky Jasper ), Michael is set up to go work in the British Properties for a reclusive parliamentarian named Karl, Lord Edward “Diamonds”. Karl, who happens to be a major figurehead in the Rap game promises to take young Michael under his wing, but with a hidden agenda.

4 Responses

  1. mad respect for these guys. this is a well executed concept with awsome production, lyrics and quirky humour. big ups.