November 1, 2007

RZA Invented Final Scratch?

Interesting interview with RZA; talks about how he contributed to the invention of Final Scratch/Serrato technology. [via]

4 Responses

  1. serato was in development before stantons final scratch
    so maybe he had input on that particular product
    but the act of controlling digital mediums using records, was invented in serato’s camp.

  2. edit just watched the video, and there are alot of holes in rza’s story
    part of that shit maybe true but, alot is bullshit

  3. Didn’t RZA create the earth and the heavens in six days? I heard on the seventh day, while relaxing with a honey dipped joint, he came up with the idea for serato and final scratch which he then inserted into the genetic code of man so that one day when they were ready mankind would be able to invent it… RZA’s a genius.