October 6, 2008

Sage Francis Canadian Tour

Sage Francis Canadian Tour

Sage Francis is doing a two week tour of Canada (supporting fellow politicos Rise Against), starting Nov 30th in Saskatoon and ending Dec 11th in Montreal. [via anti-]

Sunday November 30, 2008 in Saskatoon at Prarielan
Monday December 1, 2008 in Regina at Convention Hall
Tuesday December 2, 2008 in Calgary at Round Up Centre
Wednesday December 3, 2008 in Edmonton at Shaw Conference Centre
Friday December 5, 2008 in Winnipeg at MTS Centre
Monday December 8, 2008 in London at John Labbatt Centre
Tuesday December 9, 2008 in Hamilton at Wentworth Room
Wednesday December 10, 2008 in Ottawa at Ottawa Civic Centre
Thursday December 11, 2008 in Montreal at CEPSUM

Sage Francis – “Conspiracy to Riot” [mp3]

Sage Francis – “Conspiracy to Riot” [fan video]

19 Responses

  1. what’s up with the bizarre routing of this tour? going west and then back east. no toronto or vancouver, but he’s playing regina AND saskatoon?

  2. That sweird they are throwing it at the shaw conference center, that place is massive

  3. the fuckin round up centre?!
    I can’t wait, but that might be a dissapointing turn-out, he aint no flo-rida, son.

  4. just to let people know he’s opening for rise against or some shit like that(i might have my rock band wrong) for the calgary date. I don’t care for that band, but Sage is fuckin dope.

  5. what the fuck the MTS ceneter in Winnipeg??? how retarded. they’d have trouble packing the pyramid (which is a 1000 capacity club) let alone an NHL Sized arena like the MTS center. that’s just fucked, everything about this tour is weird from the venues to the dates and criss crossing.

  6. There is not too much weird about it. Sage Francis is on tour with some really big bands as the opening supporting act. It is not like it is a Sage Francis tour. His name is not even mentioned on the Radio advertisements here in Saskatoon.

  7. They might do concert bowl seating for the MTS Centre, but they’ll probably do fine. The album is getting quite a push on Much right now (they’re on Geffen), for whatever that’s worth nowadays.

  8. now that this new shit has come to light, this will prolly be a successful show. I wish it was a rap show though, rise against licks mega bean-bag-chair

  9. rise against is a pretty popular band. i think itll be a pretty decent turn out.

    im pumped though, i love sage francis.

  10. Sage Kills….and if anyone knows sage, support is what he gives, its not a big suprise that hes supporting Rise Against. I’m not a huge fan of them, but finding out that sage supports them , makes me wanna listen closer.
    Like putting your ear to a sea shell and hearing the ocean, you gotta open your mind up. what the f*** ever, its sage francis!!!!!

    ill be there in ottawa!

  11. Sage rocks; rise against rocks; and the round up center is 2.5 blocks from my house. Hoo-f***ing ray for me.
    What better way to mourn another Conservative government, and celebrate an Obama win?

  12. WTF is with all this hate mail sh!t guys. Learn to love some real music and appreciate this work of art. I’d travel wherever to see Sage, but Regina AND Stoon? Might just have to hit him up twice…