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October 6, 2003

Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige

Here we go! Introduce yourself your crew affiliations etc.

Satchel Paige of the YBIMBP crew. Also known as Ness.

Since you hate baseball and Joe Carter how are you trying to rock harder?

I honestly used to love baseball and I still dislike Joe Carter. I think he is a bit of a strange man. He reminds me of moldy tuff-skinned porge. Any2ways, every show I do I’m trying to rock harder than Joe Carter’s home run in the ’93 World Series. That home run made the city of Toronto go crazy. I’m just tryin’ to play with that that kind of intensity – that kind of impact. Oh yeah, shout outs to Cito Gaston.

How would you describe your style?

Honest, sincere. I beleive the only place I’m completely honest is when I’m recording. It don’t help to lie and later try to analyze that lie.

How would you describe your album?

A man thats celebrating the meanining of the word Roots!

Denham Brown is a track that speaks of tails of hard work, would you describe yourself as a hard worker?

Yeah, When it comes to rap. When it comes to anything I’m passionate about. Man, I can spend hours organizing a radio show, or a performance or pondering what the next moves in the promtion of Guy, I’m from here. I’ll literally walk through fire. literally. No lie. I’d like to work harder.

What is the significance of the name Satchel Paige and how did you get it?

Negro Leagues baseball player. A Hall Of Famer, A legend. He dreamed of facing Babe Ruth and getting the accolades he desreved. His work ethic was second to none. Two games a day were regular. He played ball to the point that his arms would go numb. When he started playing ball it seemed like black players would never be able to play in the white major leagues. When the merge finally occured he was considered too old. People doubted that he could make any impact. But, He would not be denied of his chance in the MLB. He played six years in the majors as a player over 40 and he won the rookie of the year honour while pitching for Cleveland in 48′. His determination was beautiful. Plus his wit was like a rappers wit. I wanted to bring some more attention to Satchel’s legacy, even if it is to only 500 people. That man was dope.

Thanks to your album I now know who Denham Brown is. Why did you name the tracks of your album after people?

Role models that looked like me were few on TV. Some of these people have done great things and I’d like some of their names to be looked up. The names remind us that we are a very diverse people. Many times in my life I needed those reminders.T he names are just a form of sayin’ thank you. I wanted people to feel the whole experience of what I was saying on the album and those names are very important to me and so many in the communities I’ve lived.

How did you get started in hip hop? What are some of you earlest inspirations and experiences that set forth the creation of the album?

In Winnipeg one of my cousins had by All Means Necessary. I was amazed. I moved to Mississauga, Ontario and got to hear a lot more hip hop from college radio shows like the Powermove and the Masterplan show. Shit was sick. I was in love, strait up! Got to hear Toronto evolve its whole hip-hop scene to the point of international respectability. I was just another youth banging beats on the lunchroom table and freestyling at basketball courts and house parties.

What would you say if I described you as the Canadian Capital D?

That’s cool. But I’m just curious in which ways I remind you of Capital D?

Can someone be the best after only rapping for two years? Is there a story behind Theo’s Gatrelle?

No – There is always someone better than you, especially after only two years. If you are a natural that theory gets thrown out the window. and Yes, there is a story behind the song: I rapped for about two years and everyone would say i’m the best. My head got big, real big. Went to a house party and got my head handed to me in a battle.

How did you come to be a memeber of Your Brother In My Back Pack?

Use to do late night radio shows on 101.5 UMFM called Hip Hop 101 pt.B and The Next Agenda. They were hip-hop talk shows. John Smith used to call up and rap and whoop ass on the MC Collision freestyle competition. Yy, him and Mark use to come by the show. We’d sit in the studio with a few homies they’d smoke that Magellan and we’d play and debate hip-hop. They later introduced me to Gumshoe and General Gyst. One night Danny (Yy) comes to me and ask, if i’d like to be a member of a group with the aforementioned cats. After thinking about it for awhile, the rest became history in the making.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Grassroots, Memo (molemen), Qwazaar, and all my homies in Winnipeg. Plus Dre Dub aka Talksick (this kid is dope). I just want to work with cats that I know are amazing and the world has not realized it yet. We all are building here.

Why did Radio Raheem have to die?

One of those mysteries from Do The Right Thing. Maybe the right thing is to question it always.

Satchel Paige

What makes Satchel Paige tick?

Family. A desire to help people see goals that they once thought were unachievable. A simple glance from a beautiful woman. I also would like to be exposed to more cultures. oh yeah, Curry chicken, curry chicken, doubles and more curry chicken.

What do you enjoy other than rap?

Friends, any bizarre anecdote, photography, soccer, basketball (more arguing about it than playing). A smile from my 3 year-old niece. Chillin’ wit my girl.

Is Vince Carter going to turn it around this season?

That cat better turn it around this season! Glass Carter better get some shatter proof knees installed. That cat’s gonna be my first pick in the fantasy draft.

Dwight York is an interesting song! What is the Burn Light? Does it hold any significance for yourself, Gruf or Shazzam?

The Burn Light for me is a moment of realization. It is a moment in a persons’ life when they realize they have to work to some sort of goal or their life may just fall apart or they may never be happy with it. As a minority and a person with a disability I’ve had stories related to me to act as my Burn Light. People just affraid that i’ll be a bum because they think I don’t realize how serious life is. For example – When Biggies mom got breast cancer and when his homie took that gun charge for him- those are Burn Lights because Biggie realized his life must change at these points and he gotta push harder. With out those moments we may have not had that great emcee we all glorify to this day.

What are the cities you love and the island you dream? Why do you love them?

Winnipeg and greater Toronto (eventhough Misssissauga is where I was raised). Trinidad is the island. Just sentimentality.

What is your favourite Track? Why? On the album?

Anne Marie Green (life Before) – love that beat. but the song completely describes how a feel about my life and the cities I love. Also, I briefly explore that feeling of gripping onto my cultural identity. I feel like certain elements of society are always trying to grab it from me or beat the pride outta me. At the time I wrote the song I was goin’ to a school which fronted on it. The way i spoke did not seem to be expected. Culture is something built up over time and I will not throw it away for anyone. Shout outs To Pinball Clemons, I hope he’s still gettin’ those cuts at Nappy’s in Sauga.

What contributions did curry chicken make to the development of Satchel Paige and the album?

It just seems like the food that has always been there. It’s my comfort food. That and Doubles always make me very aware that I have a culture to celebrate and that my culture taste very good.

Why do you think soso and I love this album so much?

ehn (shrugs). Says: “thanks”

What do yo think about Epic

Honest, candid, clever as fuck (CAF), and very very very unique.

What does the future hold for Satchel Paige?

Hopefully a university degree. Right now I’ve begun organizing the second album, Gumshoe and Gruf are going to be major parts of that project. We are aiming for a late 2004 release. Also an album with Jonh Smith may be worked on. Maybe a YBIMBP album.

What is your favourite hip hop recording and artist?

Nas – Illmatic and Ahmad Jamal – The Awakening (hip-hop don’t run me) Them two are the most influential on me, forever.

What are you listening to these days?

Kanye West – I’m Good, Andre 3000 – Love Below, Big Noyd – Only The Strong, Sa Smash, Binkis Recs, State Property 2, Godfather Don- Diabolique, All Monsta Island Mixes, Vaudville Villain, and Eightball & MJG – In Our Lifetime vol.1, MF Grimm – Downfall. Any Stevie Wonder & Bill Withers.

Do you have a crazy story that you would like to share with the readers that would demistify Satchel Paige?

No – Go bootleg my ish and spread the seeds. Thanks for the interview. Thanks to anyone who read it and thanks to the people who bought my record.