Aug 15, 2007

Scribble Jam 2007: Emcee Battle Videos


Emcee Battle Finals

Nocando Vs Franco (Part 1)

Nocando Vs Franco (Part 2)

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  1. Balzac


    final round was sick

    lucky it went two cause that franco guy won the first one.

    people say how battling is falling off, but honestly scribble jam has some top notch battlers and in my opinion its been getting better and better. i like the flow where they both have mics so dude has to go immediately after the other guy is finished.

    dope shit.

  2. Balzac

    i eat chicken, my hairs nappy, you happy?/
    whats next? put on a white hood and call me blacky?/

    you ain’t hard to hit/
    you just bought the hiphop starter kit/

    you dropped the damn mic cause you ain’t really grippin it/

  3. Balzac

    my comment got cut short. is there a character limit on this?

    that was sick about dropping the mic. homie had like half a second to see that and tossed it in.


    and after watching the first round again, it was pretty close. franco may have tossed in some generic writtens.

  4. yeah, it was kinda close at first, then Nocando pullled further and further ahead as it went on…

  5. Special K

    these damn videos wont load riiight, i wanna see that shit soooo bad

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