December 4, 2010

Selfhelp – Broken Shadows (b?-?sides)

Selfhelp - Broken Shadows (b?-?sides)

New Selfhelp album out now. Featuring Fresh Kils, Thesis Sahib, Mattr, Vangel, Factor, Ill Seer and more!

“Although this album is being released in 2010, Broken Shadows can be considered a precursor to the 2009 Selfhelp album Old Friends. This collection of b-sides includes a variety of songs that were cut from Old Friends as well as various other recordings from Selfhelp’s past.

Some songs included on this project date as far back as 8 years. This collection of songs were never released for various reasons. Some due to quality, some just didn’t really fit anywhere else, while some were kept hidden for personal reasons. While investigating old hard drives we realized that there were around 50 random b-sides that had never been released before. We eventually narrowed that down to this 20 song collection entitled Broken Shadows. In the end we really felt that some of these songs needed to be released so that we could move on musically & continue creating future projects without all of this clutter sitting on our shoulders. Think of this as a release of our deteriorating past…a glimpse into our broken shadows.

Some of the concepts on this album are really dated & don’t necessarily reflect Selfhelp’s current state of mind. Regardless, we feel that these songs should be shared & so here it is…a piece of our history brought forth into your present. “

13 Responses

  1. Apparently the three 8-bar verses I recorded for “Humans” weren’t even welcome on the b-sides collection. This is my favourite way to find out shit like that.

    I can’t help but feel that disgruntlement over that will colour my appreciation of what is probably a good record.

  2. Some people are going to be disgruntled about particular aspects of this release. These days I really don’t care what others think. I am not out to hurt feelings or ruffle feathers but I am definitely not down with biting my tongue and suppressing emotions.

    Thanks for the article ugsmag.

  3. Then your unbitten tongue should have taken two seconds to express your unsuppressed emotion of being sorry you didn’t use my work.

    I ought to invoice you for the time.

    1. Plex, there is a long back story as to why the verse was not used. I assure you there was a method to my madness but some things are better left dealt with in private between the parties involved. The good news is that Jesse & I have since squashed the situation. Everything is all good.

  4. wordup nice to see those tracks make it into the canadian underground

    will always remember those days of freestyling and making tracks with selfhelp, dorc, and vangel

    lovin this record