March 12, 2011

Short Fuze & Nasa – Toxicology Music (Snippet Tape)

Preview video for the March 29 release of Short Fuze & Nasa’s ‘Toxicology Music’ from Uncommon Records.

March 29th will see the release of Short Fuze & Nasa’s “Toxicology Music” from Uncommon Records. The album features 4 brand new tracks and 4 remixes from “Lobotomy Music”. The bandcamp version features a 5th remix. Remixes by Nasa, Willie Green, Megabusive, Lou Cypher and Dynamo (bandcamp version). Emcees include Adam Warlock, Taiyamo Denku, Augury, Eleven, Karniege and Passive65ive. Make sure you pick this up at or Also available on Itunes, Amazon and everywhere else world wide.