Jun 1, 2009

Sleep – Hesitation Wounds + download track feat. Del


Download: strangefamousrecords.com/sfr-bin/sleep_lothar_featdel.zip

Sleep of Oldominion’s third album, Hesitation Wounds, is due out June 30 on Strange Famous Records. It’s available for pre-order now in the SFR store.

Track Listing
1. Intro (produced by Pale Soul.)
2. Day Dreamer (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One, horns by Ross Liquid, additional vocals Toni Hill.)
3. Talk About It (produced by Reanimator.)
4. Who to Point the Finger At (produced by Reanimator.)
5. Ginelli (produced by Samix, scratches DJ Z-One. Horns by Ross Liquid, Lambs Bread and Jamzels. Additional vocals by Toni Hill and Scott Preston.)
6. Spent (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One.)
7. Orchestra of Strangers (produced by Leon West, featuring Toni Hill.)
8. Hesitation Wounds (produced by Zavala, featuring Grayskul.)
9. Commercial (produced by Pale Soul.)
10. Lothar (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One, featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.)
11. Get It (produced by Smoke, scratches by DJ Z-One.)
12. So Far Away (produced by Samix, scratches by DJ Z-One, additional vocals by Toni Hill.)
13. Roll Call (produced by Zavala.)


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