July 5, 2012

Sole – “Another Anti-Capitalist Anthem”

Lana Del Rey / A$AP Rocky detournment by Sole, download the track here.


Its an election year… yeah…
We supposed to give a shit about who’s saying what
I guess I’ve seen too much
This year pharaohs got decapitated
but king is james is still here
and im supposed to push barry Hussein to do what he got voted in on
4 years later
I got dissed endlessly for saying my president is black
And it didn’t mean jack to me then
A poor choice of words
Like assassination lists and habeious corpus
Pour a little out for the ptsd soldiers
sleeping in civic center park
Sorry, the American dream sleeps on the veteran administration too busy
Playing insurance games with your life
Its only life
Besides you gonna go to heaven
And your benefits check will be waiting for you
Cuz lord knows
The vaults here been done empty
That’s why we occupied every street and the liberals ran back to vote
Talking about we gotta push the government to do whats right

Honestly, fuck the government
Im just waiting for it to crumble

Non workers of the world unite
Wear black fight back fuck that false arrest Denver police I’ll sue you back
Shouts to the national lawyers guild
My homey reno got his arm broke on some keep your 4th amendment in a voting booth
And hickenlooper wants build a mall on the moon
So much vacant land in my city… but its illegal to sleep outside in my city…
I swear to god they’re pushing us to civil war in every city

Drones over Denver, drones over Pakistan
This beat im rapping on says “money is the answer”
Money the answer
If the question is why are we doomed
Why must we toil?
Money is answer is we asking whats the root of all evil
Why do politicians lie and play smooth criminal
Fool me twice
The whole world going DIY
Cuz fossil fuels is DIE

Here’s another anti capitalist anthem…
Another nail in the white man’s coffin

Here’s another anti capitalist anthem
Fuck the police too.