Sep 19, 2009

Sole & The Skyrider Band – “Battlefields” video


Crazy dope new Sole & Skyrider Video for “Battlefields” directed by Ravi Zupa and featuring Markus Acher from The Notwist.

Also, check out PSA #3, about Health Care, by Sole & The Skyrider Band for LIFERITE.


  1. Stupid no flash on iphone!! Have to check it when i get home, I take it there isn’t a youtube version of this I can watch?

  2. Dope song, really diggin the video….tight!

  3. yeah!
    we put up a youtube version now…

  4. This is the best video of the year! Can’t wait for plastique!!!

  5. Avatar pascal

    This video/song are killer! Puppet Sole looks kinda like DJ Drez, haha.

  6. Avatar deejay emoh betta


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