December 29, 2008

Sole & The Skyrider Band REMIX ALBUM [download]

Sole & The Skyrider Band REMIX ALBUMĀ [download]

Download the official leak of the Sole and The Skyrider Band Remix LP (in stores February 3rd) exclusively at The album features remixes by odd nosdam, jim jesus, thavius beck, subtitle, radical face, andrew broder, astronautalis, pictureplane, egadz, sleeper, son lux, dosh, bit tuner & more.

Get it here:


1. sad day for investors (astronautalis remix)
2. ghost assassinating other ghosts ( telephone jim jesus remix)
3. magnum (sleeper remix)
4. 100 light years and running (son lux remix)
5. bridges let us down (thavius beck remix)
6. bones of pets (bit tuner remix)
7. in paradise (dj egadz remix)
8. nothing is free (radical face remix)
9. stupid things implode on themselves fog egg short of the omlette (nosdam remix)
11. sound of head on concrete (dosh remix)
12.shipwreckers (otem rellik remix)
13. on cavalry (pictureplane remix )

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