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November 21, 2016

Sole – “Three Way Fight” w/ Decomposure

by Sole

Since the election of Trump its been difficult to focus, its been difficult to function. The only thing that has kept me sane has been getting in the streets with my comrades, seeking others who are ready to do the hard work of organizing against what is coming, gardening, and of course turning my favorite pop tracks songs into audio-essays against the regime. “Three Way Fight” is an update of one of my favorite Young Jeezy songs, Soul Survivor.

We have a fascist in the white house. No one knows what this means, but from what we have already seen the present is bleak and the future looks bleaker. Now is not the time to commiserate or sit around and cry. It is not the time to rebuild the Democratic party or funnel our efforts into this broken system that has nothing to offer. We can not wait 2-4 years to build our resistance to Trump. We must do it now. It goes far beyond protesting & marching. What do we do when racist flyers show up in Latino neighborhoods? What do we do when anti semites attack our friends? When Trump guts our safety nets? No one is coming to save us, its up to us.

It is a liberal delusion hat if we “have our voices heard,” there is some magic person with a lever that will fix everything for us. Under our form of government our dissent is woven into the system, it’s incorporated into our oppression, they call it “free speech. ” I don’t want to be heard, I want to have meaningful control over my life and community, I want liberation.

History proves that the only time change happens is when mass movements rise up and make it impossible for business as usual to continue. There is nothing peaceful about that. So when folks demand a “peaceful protest” I don’t know what that word means. What is peace? 3 million people in prison? Drones over Afghanistan? Cops killing 3 people of color a day? Latino children crying in school worried about their families? Muslims and trans people being attacked in the streets? Alienated white men shooting up black churches? Is that peace? If it is, then FUCK PEACE.

When Trump was elected Denver had the largest protest it has seen in years, if not decades. At that protest I heard lots of calls for “unity,” and my question is “united around what?” Anyone who claims to speak for a movement, or elects themselves a leader of thousands of people in the streets can only demand unity, that is authoritarian, that is what Donald Trump does. Despite calls from movement managers for “peace” and “calm” a breakaway group defied attempts to stifle our voices. After shutting down traffic across the city for hours, for the first time ever Denver shut down a highway(I25) for about a half an hour. When folks stood off against riot cops, it was Latino youth with Mexican flags tied around their necks who broke through the lines. When I woke up the next morning thinking about this image I fought back tears. Shit is too real right now, but the prospects to build a broad based anti-authoritarian mass movement has never been greater.

I believe in autonomy. I believe every person knows what is right in their gut and can make their own decisions. Together, with all of our difference experiences, skill sets, hopes and fears we can do powerful things together. We don’t always have to agree, I don’t even agree with everything the comrades I work with say or think, and that is a strength. That is how we have movements that are diverse, agile, and able to meet whatever threats come to us, our neighbors and our loved ones.

This is not a simple fight against fascism, because the liberals & Democrats, with their wishful thinking will walk us all off a cliff if we sit by and let people with no idea of how to resist, turn this moment into a cry in, a candle light vigil, or to waste time pressuring elected officials. Under the Obama administration the Democrats deported as many Latinos as trump is promising to deport! The democrats have killed thousands of Muslims in drone strikes! Over 50% of the country didn’t vote, and its not because we are apathetic, its because people instinctively know that the Democrats had nothing to offer. The so called “left” does not have an answer. No one is coming to save us.

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