Oct 19, 2012

Sole’s Statement On A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing


Sole informs the people about his new album, out Nov 13. Featuring Busdriver, Ryan Hemsworth, Factor, Open Mike Eagle, Man Mantis, Skyrider, Alias, Ecid, Leif Kolt, Oscar, and more. Pre-order A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing from soleone.org.


  1. Avatar Former Fan

    Pretentious, preachy, hipster douche. Sole is AWFUL.

  2. Avatar Eyepee

    Identify yourself!

  3. hipster? really? haha, you must not know any! pretentious? maybe? preachy? YES!!!!

  4. Avatar Former Fan

    The new Sole work is pretty rigid, contrived, too political and opinionated, and worst of all, BORING! Music you could definitely never bump without being criticized or embarrassed by what’s coming out of your speaker.

    Your political opinion is obnoxious. That’s all your songs really are now. Confusingly arranged and laid out and ooOOOoooOOooOO, cryptic and symbolic!

    Knowing now that you’re reading the comments, maybe douche wasn’t the right word. In all fairness, what I really meant was “pedantic”.

  5. This former fan is plain simply a jealous ______ … Sorry but someone had to say it.

  6. well… the singles i’ve been dropping are the most rigid songs off the album, because the blogosphere dont respond to “experimental” stuff… i’ll be dropping more “old school” style sole shit in the next few weeks… but whatever… can’t please everyone!

  7. Avatar vlkn

    don’t try to please anyone. please.

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