Jan 21, 2009

soso & DJ Kutdown – All They Found was Water at the Bottom of the Sea


soso & DJ Kutdown - All They Found was Water at the Bottom of the Sea

The new instrumental album produced by soso and DJ Kutdown is slated for release on Hue Records, Japan. Blending their very different but complementary production styles — soso providing the melody arrangements and Kutdown providing the drum sequences — All They Found was Water at the Bottom of the Sea was created in the spirit of collaboration and friendship. The album retains the character that defined much of their earlier work and reflects their ongoing appreciation for beautiful samples and drums that smack. Released February 13th! Domestic release info tba!

Check out soso’s myspace to preview tracks from the album.

01. all ties cast off
02. hand over fist
03. like old folks like rain
04. under the yoke
05. knots and lumps
06. for anything I know
07. and all good things

February 13: soso on CBC Radio
The Broadway Theatre, SaskMusic and CBC Radio are teaming up for an evening of music, featuring The Deep Dark Woods, Farideh, Carbon Dating Service and soso. This concert will be broadcast nationally on Canada Live, heard nightly on CBC Radio 2. Tickets are $15.00 and are available at the Broadway Theatre.

Label Spotlight: Hue (Shin Ohsaki Interview)
soso Interview


  1. sadr

    eff yeah! cant wait to check the samples. beautiful artwork.

  2. shitty bill

    woa.. this’ll be crrraazy

  3. Rewind

    (artwork by Mitch Speed)
    i’m really excited to hear this!

  4. Maki

    This should be a fun ride. All I remember was Leonard Nimoy on vocals.

  5. max prime

    fu**in word!

  6. Chaps

    The cover is top notch! Nice work Mitch!

    I checked the tracks on soso’s myspace and the sound great! Just wish they had lyrics as I am not a huge fan of instrumental music.

    Nice work boys!

  7. I’ve got a really good feeling about this project, and I haven’t heard a note of it. I’ll be checkin’ MySpace when I get home. And I agree with everyone about the cover looking dope.

  8. this sounds really good. i’m excited to hear the lp.

  9. Anders

    This is dope!

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