Jan 13, 2009

Southern Food Brokerage “Super Broker Shuffle”


Haha, these southern food brokers know how to rap real good.



  1. Avatar ceej

    hahahaha, so awesome!


    we’re so bad, we’re good! Nobody messes with our neighboorhood!

    this was awesome!

  3. This reminds me of the Super Bowl Shuffle quite a bit – right up there with “It’s just like…it’s just like…a mini-mall”.

  4. I still like the flee market rap best but this is gold

  5. Avatar Timbulb

    I’d like to lift one of those black skirts…wucka wucka

  6. Avatar max prime

    hahahaha. i like how one of the first guys was terribly off beat. awesome..

  7. Avatar stinson

    max – im guessing you’re talking about 1:01. good god he kills it!

  8. Avatar B A G OF LEANS

    I’d like to see Wayne “Bring the Pain” Tails (2:08) VERSUS Paul “Off the Wall” James (2:34).

    That battle would be FIRE!

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